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Total Sound Creations realizes that this is most likely the first time needing a DJ and you most likely will not ever need to look again, anytime soon. We understand that there are many choices out there so TSC offers some answers to some frequently asked questions that may assist you in planning an unforgettable event.

Up-Lighting for my event venue is very important, but I do not understand the different types and pricing.


You have choices when it comes to up-lighting, however, not all up-lighting is created equal. Here are the basics so you can make an informed decision on what you want at your event.


Par Can lights are fairly inexpensive, yet bulky and get very hot, capable of causing burns. They are AC powered, which means electrical cords all around your venue. Color is created by inserting a color gel into the light, which limits color options and color change. They shoot a beam of light up the walls with only a 20-30 degree spread.


LED AC Powered lighting fixtures are the most commonly used and a price increase from Par Cans. LED lights run cool to the touch which eliminates the chance for burns, but you still have cords around your venue. Color is controlled by either dip switches on the back of the lights, which is time consuming if you want to change colors, or by using a DMX controller. Most DMX controllers require additional cords to connect each light to each other. Electrical outlet availability can become an issue in older venues. LED lights shoot a beam of light up the wall with only a 30-40 degree spread.


Battery Powered, LED uplighting is completely cordless, which allows you to move each light freely around your venue without worrying about electrical outlet availability. TSC uses Vividlight, which is cool to the touch and can run 8-18 hours on a single charge. Color is controlled remotely and can provide 20 pre-set colors or custom color creation, with a massive 120 degree wall washing of light. TSC makes this lighting affordable for just about any budget.


How can you provide Bose Enhanced Sound Systems and cordless Vividlite up-lighting at such an exceptional price?


Total Sound Creations is a family owned business with very little overhead and no employees. I am currently the only DJ so I can provide my clients with exceptional pricing with the very best equipment in the industry. TSC is not doing two, three or even twenty events in a day. We do one, yours! This also allows me to provide you with personal, superior service for all of your event needs.


My venue requires my vendors to have insurance. Is TSC Insured?


Absolutely! TSC is licensed with the State of Florida and county we reside. We carry a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy and can provide your venue with a certificate of insurance if required. This puts our clients at ease, knowing they will not be stuck with any unforseen expenses.


Do you provide written Quotes?


Once you have decided what you want and need for your event, you still may need to check with others before making a final decision, so get it in writing! At your request, TSC will provide you with a written quote that will be honored for a specific, agreed upon time frame. This quote will assist you in any changes you may need or wish to make, without getting locked into a binding contract.


Does TSC require a written contract?


Yes. A contract between you and all of your vendors is necessary for not only their protection, but especially you! Make sure you read the entire contract and know what you are signing. Make sure dates, times, places and everything you wanted is clearly stated. Understand the refund/cancellation policies and payment due dates. Your event date and times are not secured until there is a contract in place. TSC's insurance policy also mandates a written contract and without one, we can't perform at your event.


Can I meet you before I decide to hire TSC?


TSC understands that everyone has their own personalities and styles, just as DJ's do. Not every DJ is right for for every client. TSC prefers to meet with you before you hire us, but we understand time is precious, so we do not mandate it. We do require that we meet with you in person at least one to two weeks prior to your event so that we can plan everything exactly as you have envisioned it to be.


Can you help me with the time line and planning of my event?


Of Course! We would not be providing you with superior client service if we didn't. Once under contract, we will be available to you via phone, text, or email to assist you with every aspect of your event. Use us as much, or as little as you wish, it's up to you. We will work with all of your event planner and vendors to make sure your day is exactly how you envisioned it to be. From the music your desire, ceremony to last dance and beyond, TSC will be there every step of the way. After all, it is your day!
















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