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At Total Sound Creations, we believe that our clients deserve the very best in sound quality. We do this by offering our standard BOSE ENHANCED sound system that has crystal clear, powerful sound in a compact package for your main venue. The BOSE L1, Model 2 tower system features 24 individual tiny spearkers, contained in a 4"X4", five foot tower that delivers unbelievable sound for rooms that can accommodate up to 500 guests. Each of the 24 speakers are angled to provide a full 180 degrees of sound volume and quality so that ALL guests hear the same clear and powewrful sound, no matter where they are seated in the room. Two base speakers sit along side the L1, Model 2 and deliver just the right amount of "thump" without shaking the glasses on your table or the windows next door. If that was not enough, the Bose Enhanced Sound System takes up less space than typical PA speakers and give you a more elegant look.


When ceremony and/or cocktail hour music is wanted in a different location than your main venue, we continue the high standard of quality sound by offering SAMSON Sound Systems, which is the leader in small, compact, easy to transport sound systems. SAMSON delivers high quality sound for these smaller events and continues to work within any budget.


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